Annie Dearman & Steve Harrison - Community Musicians
Forthcoming gigs
15 June 2018 - Folk at the Barlow, (Dearman, Gammon & Harrison)

Recent testimonials
"They're very good" (Martin, BBC 2017)

"It was great to be able to watch and hear you performing together." (Nick 2017)

"You [DG&H] sound great" (Brian, folk club organiser 2017)

"The music sounds fantastic... just what we need" (BBC Producer 2017).

"We had a lot of positive feedback after your last appearance [at our club] and we are anxious to have you back." (Folk Club organiser 2017)

"Thanks again to you both for all the effort and thought put into the music and song selection" (Roger 2016)

"A special mention was earned by Annie Dearman and Chris Coe, unique voices which together reach another level of enjoyment - fab!" (Elaine Wood Tykes News Autumn 2016)

"Superb - you come up with great music and song presentations and I greatly appreciate your support" (Mark Davies, organiser, Bradfield Traditional Music Festival, 2016)

'It's always a masterclass in song accompaniment when Steve and Annie perform. My Johnny was a Shoemaker has long been one of my favourite songs and this version was sublime' (Terry, 2016)

'You've got a great style and sound' (Domenico Conti, Power XR Radio, Rome; 2016)

'What a great night, it [Stormy Weather Boys show] went down a storm...... The narration was just right, the music stunning and Annie's singing was absolutely superb, we could hear every word clear as a bell' (Anna 2015)

'Thanks for a lovely stimulating and moving event [Stormy Weather Boys show] last night. We're so lucky to have you in our community' (Jean 2015)

'A great show [Stormy Weather Boys] - interesting, informative and entertaining. (Gill 2015)

'Congrats on tonight's [Stormy Weather Boys] show! I really enjoyed it. (Mike 2015)

'Thanks to you both for being so inspiring'. (Mick 2015)

'Just a quick note to say how much we are both loving the [Black Crow/ White Crow] CD. It's been playing over and over in the car since we got it! It's a great piece of work and a CD we will treasure.' (Mick & Karen 2015)

'Probably the best singers and musicians I've heard performing English traditional song.' (folk club organiser Danny McLeod, 2015)

Proper class... and deservedly regulars at our events! (Gavin Atkin 2015)

'The best history lesson I've ever had' (John 2014).

'I saw you all [Dearman, Gammon & Harrison] at last year's Whitby festival & very good you were too' (Stephen 2014)

'A big thanks for the concert, enjoyed by me and all....' (Anne 2014)

Thanks so much for the high quality and enjoyable performance. (Adam 2014)

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, thank you all for putting on the show. (Andy 2014)

I like your [Annie's] clear, strong and unique singing voice - I was glad to hear you at the event. (Anna 2014)

I had no idea that the two of you could be such a great comedy act. (Roger 2014)

'Thanks for such a wonderful evening yesterday. I think that you could tell that everyone loved the show and I've had lots of requests to ask you all back again next year.' (Julia 2014)

'Thanks for making our social event a really big success. You were brilliant.' (Pauline, 2013)

'Just to let you know how much your performance was appreciated and enjoyed..... I have never had so many people thanking me for [organising] a wonderful evening' (Trevor 2013)

'What an absolutely brilliant evening.... This will go down as one of our best ever evenings' (Diane, 2013).
'My wife and thoroughly enjoyed your recital... we are so glad we bought your CD' (Rudi, 2013)

'Your music and song is always a joy to listen to' (Mark 2013)

'The balance of songs and text [in 'Noisy Frame'] was excellent and kept the attention of a hall packed with over 100 people, all of whom responded to the variety and authority of the performance, enthusiastically joining in with the finishing song 'Ye Tyrants of England''. (Dave Herron 2012)

'Great show [Noisy Frame] last night; we both really enjoyed it.... what a historical document!' (David 2012)

'I heard a lot of pleasure expressed about your performance at our recent meeting and in emails..... thanks again for such a splendid evening'. (Ian 2012)

Hi to both, just to say how much we enjoyed last night. (Liz & Marion 2012)

Thought your performance was fabulous the other night! (Hazel 2012)

What a wonderful and instructive performance - many thanks indeed. (Prof John Pickstone 2012)

What a  fabulous night! You must be as delighted as I was with the response to your project. (Anna 2012)

Well done gang - loved it! (Chris Coe 2012)

It was great - I've always had a thing for songs in their historical context, and that came out in the response from your audience. (Dave 2012)

Thanks for putting on such a lovely event.... how moving it was! High quality ingredients, simply delivered! (Jean 2012)

I want you to know how much I appreciated your contribution to my party. You were a big hit and deserve a wider audience! (Martin 2012)

Enjoyed the [Noisy Frame] show very much indeed. Found the mix of songs, images and readings very moving, giving a really thorough picture of the lives and incidents of the time. (Vicky 2012)

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