Annie Dearman & Steve Harrison - Community Musicians
Annie and Steve are founder residents at the Ryburn 3-Step folk club in West Yorkshire. They perform with Vic Gammon as Dearman, Gammon & Harrison, whose CD Black Crow/ White Crow was released by the English Folk Dance & Song Society in 2005 to enthusiastic reviews. Annie also performs locally with Chris Coe, whilst Steve is a member of the ceilidh/ barn dance bands The Black Box Band, with Chris Coe, Chris Partington, Alice Jones & Sue Coe and Phoenix, with Rod Stradling, Fran Wade, Mike Pinder and Kevin Bown.

Annie Dearman sang with several Essex-based a capella groups, with whom she appeared at numerous folk clubs and festivals in the 1970s and 1980s. After  moving to Yorkshire in 1990, she was a founder member of the voice workshop Making Waves before teaming up with in a duo with Vic Gammon in 1993, performing mainly political songs. She wrote, directed and sang in the show The Weavers' March (starring Pete Coe, Chris Coe and Vic Gammon) commissioned by the 1998 Ilkley Literature Festival. Since 1999, she has performed in a trio as Dearman, Gammon and Harrison, who have appeared at numerous folk clubs and festivals across England, and in a duo with Steve Harrison, with whom she has been a resident at the Ryburn 3-Step folk club since its foundation in 1992. In 2007 she discovered the potential of the jew's harp as the means of adding texture to a vocal and instrumental ensemble. Annie also performs locally with Chris Coe. Until her recent retirement, Annie's 'day job' was as a freelance designer and maker of theatre costumes, backdrops and banners, in which role she has been particularly noted for for her 15 year spell with the Mikron Theatre Company. She is a veteran of costume making for the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival and designed and made the stunning costumes for the Long Company mummers, going strong since 1996 and featured on the cover of Pete Coe's CD of the same name. Away from music, Annie is an active member of the Edgar Wood Study Group, whose aim is to disseminate knowledge about this important Arts & Crafts and subsequently Modernist architect, and has recommenced painting.

Steve Harrison has played and called in ceilidh bands for some 35 years. With Nick Barber, he founded the Euro roots band The Official Brawl in which he played saxophones, bagpipes, pipe-and-tabor and whistles. With Mary Barber and Vic Gammon he founded Rough Music in which he played bagpipes and recorders, and played in the 8-piece renaissance bagpipe band Pipework with James Merryweather and William Marshall. He has appeared as a guest dance caller and musician with numerous other bands, including Hooke's Law, Sweet Liberty, English Rebellion, Tight Squeeze, Cauldron, Old Chestnuts, The Red Parrots and The Tonic. He was for many years a dancer and musician for the White Rose Morris Men. Steve is a member of the ceilidh band The Black Box Band with Chris Coe, Chris Partington, Alice Jones & Sue Coe, and of Phoenix, with Rod Stradling, Fran Wade, Mike Pinder & Kevin Bown.Away from the dance scene, he accompanies the singing of Annie Dearman and Vic Gammon in Dearman, Gammon & Harrison on melodeon, mouth organ and banjo, and the singing of Annie Dearman, with whom he is a resident at the Ryburn 3-Step Folk Club, on melodeon, banjo and tenor guitar. Steve has recently written the shows Crime, Sex & Retribution in English Folk Song, Stormy Weather Boys and (with Vic Gammon) The Noisy Frame: the Lives of Cloth Makers in Song & Testimony c1780-1840 (see Current Projects page). Until his retirement in 2011, Steve's 'day job' was Professor of Social Policy at the University of Manchester, where he led the Health Policy, Politics & Organisation (HiPPO) research group between 2005 and 2011; he finally gave up academic work at the end of 2015.
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